Microsoft Office Home and Student

Microsoft Office Home and Student

It is a suite that allows you to create and manage documents and presentations
MOHS v15.0
13 Sep 2013
MOHS v14.0
17 Dec 2009
MOHS v12.0
26 Jan 2009
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What's new

v15.0 [31 Mar 2010]
1.Your personalized Office
Sign in for Office on your PC or on the move —and your personal settings and recent files are with you.
--Your custom settings roam with you. Sign in to your account and pick up your work right where you left off.
--Store files in the cloud. Office saves your documents to SkyDrive so your notes, photos, and files are always accessible.
2. Simplify how you share
Staying connected to family or working together at school is easier than ever with the latest Office
--Share and plan online and offline. Brainstorm school and home projects, share notes and plan in OneNote notebooks.
3. Quickly turn your ideas into impressive projects
Unleash your creative side at home or for school. Get started more easily and provide polish with expert tools.
--Work the way you work best. Capture your ideas using keyboard, pen, or touchscreen.
--Easily work with different media. Drag pictures, videos, and online media into your documents, and expertly align them with ease.
--Save time and wow them. Use a template from the Word or Excel Start screen, or one of the new wide-screen PowerPoint templates.
--Share the way you want, faster. Now you can find all your sharing options in one place in Office programs, File > Share.

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